Jean Kaddour

PhD Student in Machine Learning @UCL

Hello, thanks for stepping by, it’s great to have you here! :)

I am a PhD student in the Foundational AI CDT at University College London, working with Ricardo Silva and Matt Kusner. Previously, I obtained a MSc. in Advanced Computing at Imperial College London.

My research interests revolve around Deep Learning and Causality.

If you are interested in my work or would like to chat about common interests, potential collaboration, etc., please feel free to get in touch!


  1. DAG Learning on the Permutahedron
    Zantedeschi, Valentina, Kaddour, Jean, Franceschi, Luca, Kusner, Matt, and Niculae, Vlad
    In ICLR2022 Workshop on the Elements of Reasoning: Objects, Structure and Causality 2022
  2. Questions for Flat-Minima Optimization of Modern Neural Networks
    Kaddour, Jean, Liu, Linqing, Silva, Ricardo, and Kusner, Matt J.
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.00661 2022
  3. Causal Effect Inference for Structured Treatments
    In NeurIPS 2021
  4. Probabilistic Active Meta-Learning
    In NeurIPS 2020